Deities of Xenalos

Druidic Spirits

Atti the Owl
Kairne the Wolf
Kaleb the Bear
Nyoka the Serpent
Vox the Fox

The Vasoroth Pantheon

Ashuin, Goddess of Law and Knowledge
Antheia, Goddess of Nature and Argiculture
Biasharo, God of Trade and Wealth
Gawah, Goddess of Family and Love
Hematite, Goddess of Protection and Justice
Karg, God of War and Chaos
Kephira, Goddess of Law and Knowledge
Mincinos, God of Coin and Death
Shulkoon, God of Strength and Honour
Siltaria, Goddess of Health and Rebirth

Deities of Surane

Naevah – Goddess of Culture, arts and Sacred Rites
Vesmjir (Ves-meer) – Judge of the Dead

Known Deities of Akinor

The Cult of the Pureblood
The Followers of Ulamog

Deities of Xenalos

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