Downtime Events

Between sessions players will be required to state what their characters are doing during their downtime between adventures. After each session is complete and before the next session you sign up for, please reach out to a GM to let them know what downtime event you wish to perform.
During a Downtime Event a character will be able to earn an income based on a roll. This acts like the character is working within the town earning their own keep and also provides a steady way for them to earn coin.


Make friends with the locals!

Requirements: Coin depending on the class of folk being caroused with. Lower-class: 10GP, Middle-class: 50GP, Upper-class: 250GP. To carouse with the Upper-class you need to be of the Noble background, have sufficient pull within the community to be noticed by the upper-class or find another way to pass as a noble.

Potential Reward(s): Make new friends as contacts within the selected social class. A contact owes a character a favour. The contact provides help once.

Craft an Item

Craft an item!

Requirements: Appropriate Tool(s) and Proficencies as well as the raw materials to craft the item.

Potential Reward(s): A shiny new item crafted by your own hands!


Yes, you can be a criminal if you wish! Just be warned that all actions in this world have some form of consequence.

Requirements: At least 25GP gathering information on potential targets before committing the intended crime.

Potential Reward(s): Five finger discounted loot!


Gamble your hard-earned coin and hopefully come out richer than you were!

Requirements: A stake of at least 10GP.

Potential Reward(s): Winnings multiplied!

Pit Fighting

Many towns have some form of pit fighting. This includes boxing, wrestling and other non-lethal forms of combat in an organized setting.

Requirements: None.

Potential Reward(s): Win fights to win coin!


Sometimes the best thing to do between adventures is just relax.

Requirements: Maintain at least a modest lifestyle while relaxing to gain the benefit of the activity (Lifestyles can be found in the PHB or ask a GM).

Potential Reward(s): Gain advantage on saving throws to recover from long-acting diseases or poisons. At the end of the week a character can end one effect that keeps the character from regaining health, or can restore one ability score that has been reduced to less than normal. This benefit cannot be used if the harmful effect was caused by a spell or some magical effect with an ongoing duration.

Religious Services

Spend your downtime in the service to a temple, either by attending rites or by proselytizing in the community.

Requirements: Access to a Temple whose beliefs align with the character’s.

Potential Reward(s): Religious Favours from the Temple. (A promise from the Temple of future assistance). Favours do not need to be used right away and can be stored up to a maximum of 1 + the character’s Charisma modifier (minimum of one unused)


Allows a character to delve into lore concerning a monster, location, magic item or some other particular topic.

Requirements: Access to a library, sage or someone knowledgeable about a particular topic, at least 50GP spent on materials, bribes, gifts and other expenses.

Potential Reward(s): Learn lore about the specific topic, monster, location or item which may open up new adventures in the world!

Scribe a Spell Scroll

With time and patience, a spellcaster can transfer a spell to a scroll, creating a spell scroll!

Requirements: Proficiency in Arcana, material components for the chosen spell, the spell is prepared or known, an amount of time to scribe based on the level of the spell.

Potential Reward(s): A scroll to use whenever needed.

Sell a Magic Item

Have some extra loot from a recent dungeon delve? Search for that perfect someone to take it off your hands at a fine price!

Requirements: 25GP to spread word of the item you wish to sell.

Potential Reward(s): Finding a buyer for your item and making lots of coin!


Given enough free time and the services of an instructor, a character can learn a language or pick up proficiency with a tool.

Requirements: Ten weeks (reduced based on Intelligence Modifier), 25GP per week to cover training costs.

Potential Reward(s): Proficiency of a tool or language.


When all else fails, an adventurer can turn to an honest trade to earn a living. Find temporary work to earn some extra coin

Requirements: None.

Potential Reward(s): A daily wage of coin based on quality and skill performed.

Unless specified, each downtime event requires a minimum of 1 week.


Most, if not all, of the downtime events have the chance to have a complication occur. Complications could happen based on how well the player rolls, how much resources were used, how much time was provided or other variables.

Downtime Events

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