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Welcome to the Xenalos Project!

This is a West Marches-esque Campaign that encompasses multiple players and is played mainly on Twitch.

About Xenalos

Xenalos is a homebrew world currently with 3 known continents, Vasoroth, Akinor and Surane.
The Project currently focuses on the lands of Akinor.
The lore, deities, towns, cities, factions, etc are mostly created by the players as sessions are played through.

Akinor is considered a wild land by those from Vasoroth. It is a land of jungles, swamps, deserts, mountains and forests. It is deemed a land of no law where vagabonds, renegades, pirates and monsters go to live. The purpose of Fordham, the main Vasorothian settlement on Akinor, is to set out and explore the lands of Akinor to bring fact as well as treasure back to Vasoroth and confirm whether it really is like what they say it is.

About the Project

The Xenalos Project is a Campaign that will be purely played on Twitch at twitch.tv/zeltaris. A virtual tabletop application will be used for play (currently using Fantasy Grounds Classic) and microphones will be required for voice chat using Zoom. Video/Web cams are not required but would be nice to have while playing on stream.

Anyone is allowed to join this Project/Campaign as this is more of a drop-in, drop-out campaign where you play when you can and when available. Quests, rumours and adventures from other players will be posted in the Discord for anyone interested to sign up for.
For more information about the Project, what is required from players and other requirements, check out the Players Guide.

Home Page

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