The Continent of Vasoroth

Vasoroth is a land of wealth, turmoil and political tension. It houses 7 Provinces which are ruled by a central council called The Combine.

Map of the Provinces


  • Lumina the Capital City
  • Location of The Combine
  • Location of the College of Magic
  • Home to all races but majority Dragonborn


  • The desert region of Vasoroth
  • Port City of Auruum (The City of Gold)
  • Large commerce center
  • Home to all races from all over Xenalos including Tabaxi, Drow, Surane Elves and all races of Vasoroth


  • The jungle region of Vasoroth
  • Toka’Sai, the Temple City
  • Home to Humans, Gnomes, Half-Elves and Dragonborn mainly


  • Home to Nomadic Tribes of Orcs, Goliaths and Halflings
  • The port city of Baran, home to Dragonborn, Humans and Gnomes, fights for control of the lands.


  • The Cragmaw Conclave run mining operations in the frozen mountains.
  • Home to Dwarves, Gnomes, Goliaths, Half-Orcs and Humans


  • Hikosen, a large town that exports lumber and other resources
  • Home to Half-Orcs and Tabaxi mainly


  • Home to farms and fisheries run by many different races
  • No major city or town

Map of Locations

The Continent of Vasoroth

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