The Lands of Akinor

The Lands of Akinor

The Lands of Akinor, in the words of The Combine from Vasoroth, are filled with wild creatures, undiscovered treasures and unclaimed lands.
With this knowledge, The Combine has sent a large fleet of settlers to Akinor to set up a “base of operations”. Thus Fordham was born.

A year later, Fordham is a bustling frontier town. With the call of treasures and knowledge abound, adventurers from Vasoroth arrive in Fordham every week.

Fordham, the Frontier Town

  • Home to many races from Vasoroth
  • Continues to grow and expand
  • Adventurers are the lifeblood of the town

Brigette’s Hollow or The ‘Hollow’

  • Home to an eccentric night life

As new locations and points of interest are discovered/created by the players, this wiki will be updated.

The Lands of Akinor

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