The People of Fordham

The many people of the town of Fordham on Akinor


  • Quarry Master
  • Gruff Female Halfling
    *Perpetually covered in dust

Cid the Librarian

  • Librarian
  • Quiet Male Half-Elf
  • Enjoys researching and experimenting with mechanical objects

Donella Terrick

  • Head of the Adventurer’s Guild
  • Spunky Female Gnome
  • Loves rumours and conversation

Dyrk Amblecrown

  • Owner of the The Bait and Fish
  • A rough, hairy-looking male human
  • An avid fisherman

Gogmurch the Merchant

  • A merchant of the Akinor lands
  • A dark-green skinned male goblin with a chunk missing from one of his ears
  • Frequents Fordham with new wears every other week

Gurdis Redbeard

  • The blacksmith
  • A sturdy, stubborn Female Dwarf
  • Speaks her minds and ignores caution

Katlego Kiran

  • The head priest of the Temple of Hematite in Fordham
  • A strong, loyal Male Human
  • Speaks of faith, wisdom and the guidance of Hematite but allows all followings in his presence

Minka Thistledown

  • Woodworker and Fletcher
  • A strong, charismatic Female Human
  • Loyal and protects her workers and friends

Nick Cale

  • Mayor of Fordham
  • A fit, charismatic yet shy Male Human
  • Does what he can for Fordham but hates confrontation and crowds

Rose Hillyhouse

  • Alchemist and co-owner of Potions and Particulars with Wiambel
  • Slightly mad and crazy Female Halfling
  • Loves to experiment with new ingredients which usually cause unseen reactions

Wiambel McGenry

  • Co-owner of Potions and Particulars with Rose
  • Gruff yet greedy Male Half-Elf
  • Will sell his family for coin if he could

The People of Fordham

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