Players Guide


Welcome to the Xenalos Project. This is a D&D 5E Campaign taking place in the Home-brewed world of Xenalos.
This campaign will be an open-sandbox campaign. Players are welcome to participate in one or many different adventures that they wish to so long as their character meets the requirements. Actions made by the players will affect the campaign in some way.

Live Session Streams

All Adventure Sessions will be streamed live on Twitch. Rules for being on stream mimics the rules for the chat.
No extreme vulgarity
No political talk
No nudity
Be kind to the other players and chat.
Warnings/Bans can and will be handed out if any of these rules are broken.

Campaign Variant Rules

Gritty Realism Rest Variant

The campaign will use the Gritty Realism rest variant as located on Chapter 9 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide. This will change resting to be 8 hours for a Short Rest and 7 days for a long rest.

Common Language

As with many games of Tabletop RPGs, there is usually a common language every intelligent species/race understands. This is not one of those games.
Common will not be a language. What is normally Common will be replaced with that of the mainland where characters come from.
For characters from Vasoroth, Common will now be considered as Vasiran.

The Campaign

Foreword: Player Characters have a possibility to not survive in this campaign. Plan to have multiple characters if you wish to continue playing.

At the beginning, all players will start and possibly end in Fordham on the coastline of Akinor, a newly discovered land west of the continent of Vasoroth.

Fordham, Vasoroth’s mark on Akinor

Fordham acts as a “safe” haven for adventurers and residents alike. It provides adventurers with needed resources and equipment, places to find rumors of the land as well as adventures posted at the Adventurers Guild.

The settlement itself can be improved upon by the players which can provide special items, more adventure postings and buffs that last for a complete adventure.

Adventures and Requests

The Adventurer’s Guild will occasionally post new rumors and requests that can be picked up by Players. These are first-come, first-served so if something piques your interest be sure to form a group with other players and notify a Game Master (GM) to set a date to run the adventure.

Outside of Adventures and Requests being posted, if there is a Point of Interest (POI) that you see, hear or know about from a previous adventure that you wish to go check out, set up a group and notify a GM to set a date to run the adventure.

Forming Adventuring Groups

Players will be encouraged to form their own groups of four (4) and then work with the GM to schedule a date and time to play. Players can either use the Xenalos Discord or other means of communication to find and make groups.

Travel and Tracking

When an adventuring party chooses to go on an adventure, they will be responsible for tracking where they are going, where they have been and how to get back.
Maps will not be provided outside of adventure sessions. Players are encouraged to draw up their own map during exploration if they wish.

Post-Adventure Summary

As multiple players may be playing in this campaign, information should be shared among all players. It is recommended that a Post-Adventure Summary be written up by one of the players of the adventure group.

Player versus Player

Any player actions taken against another player must be consented to by each player (e.g. stealing an item from another player must be agreed to by the player targeted, at which point a skill challenge will commence between both players).

Character Creation

D&D Beyond Character Sheet

All Characters need to be created using D&D Beyond
All items and currency obtained will be tracked on the D&D Beyond Sheet and sync’d to the Virtual Table Top Application


Current Races Allowed:

  • Human
  • Dragonborn
  • Elf
  • Half-Elf
  • Dwarf
  • Half-Orc
  • Gnome
  • Halfling
  • Goliath
  • Tiefling
  • Aarakocra


All classes are allowed from the core books (PHB, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (XGtE), etc).
Unearthed Arcana classes are also allowed at the Game Master’s approval.
If there is uncertainty on whether a class is allowed, contact a Game Master.

Ability Scores

The Standard Array should be used. It can be located on Page 12-13 of the PHB.
As the campaign progresses and players may find reason to create a new character, other options for ability scores can possibly be used.

Currently all new characters will be from the Continent of Vasoroth (or other lands outside of Akinor). With this, Common Language is replaced with Vasiran. Any additional languages provided by the race or background options are normal.

Other than the above, create a character as normal, with normal starting gear and equipment provided by the background options.

Stream Viewer Interactions

Twitch Viewers can and probably will interact with the game in some way, shape or form.

Help/Hinder Pool

Viewers will be able to provide dice to a Player or DM Pool. This pool of dice can be used whenever a player (or the DM) feels they need it.
Help and Hinder Die can be used for the following:

  • Re-roll an already rolled die.
  • Provide Advantage before a roll is made (does not affect abilities affected by Advantage rolls).
  • Invoke Disadvantage to an enemy.

Only 1 die can be used per action/skill roll.

Twitch Points

Viewers gain twitch points (Embers) as they watch the stream. Viewers can use these points to help or hinder the players as well as other options!

Random Events

With large aspects of the world being traveling to and from different POIs, random events will occur. These random events normally involve the DM rolling some dice and determining what happens but with this project it will be a bit different.

  • A list of 3 to 5 events will be randomly determined by the DM.
  • The list will be shown to Twitch Chat at which point viewers can vote on the event they wish to see.
  • Once an event has been used, it will be removed from the random tables for a set amount of campaign time.

Players Guide

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